Celebrating our History

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2009 National LGBT Conference
18 September 2009

Conference acknowledges the importance of knowing our history and notes the growth in the marking of Black history month and – to a lesser extent – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history month in education institutions and community venues.

While noting that such ‘months’ can help raise awareness where there is none, conference believes that they must only be a starting point. Black history and LGBT history should be part and parcel of all presentations of history.

Conference calls on the National LGBT Committee, working with the National Black Members Committee and sister organisations such as Schools Out, to campaign for:

1.Black and LGBT history to be incorporated into the core educational curriculum and work in the wider community;

2.Greater awareness of imagery used – for example Black history beyond the history of transatlantic slavery;

3.More of a UK focus;

4.Increased Black LGBT visibility in both Black history month and LGBT history month.