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2008 National Women's Conference
7 February 2008

Conference applauds the Law Lords for their landmark decision on 30 January 2008 ruling that courts will in future have discretion to extend the six-year limit for claimants in cases of deliberate assaults.

Conference congratulates Mrs A for her persistence in pursuing this for 20 years and supports her in her claim for substantial damages against her attacker, Lorworth Hoare, who subjected her to a brutal sexual assault in 1988.

This ruling will have far reaching consequences for all victims of certain types of assaults, especially rape and sexual abuse, and will therefore be particularly relevant to women.

Conference reiterates its support for Motion 33 from Women’s Conference 2005 – Compensation of Child Victims of Sexual Abuse – which sought the abolition of the statute of limitations time limit on claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and the inclusion of such claims in the Legal Aid Scheme.

Conference believes that all women who are victims of assault, abuse and rape should be appropriately compensated and that all means of assistance should be afforded them in pursuing such claims.

Conference therefore instructs the National Women’s Committee to:

1)Apprise itself of the details of this ruling and publicise them through all appropriate channels;

2)Liaise with UNISON Legal Services over support for members who are

eligible to claim under this ruling;

3)Liaise with the NEC over ways of promoting the pursuance of similar claims;

4)Report back to Women’s Conference 2009.