Supporting Women in Education

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2008 Police Staff Service Group Conference
25 June 2008
Carried as Amended

Conference believes in promoting education for all, but often that is not the situation for our women members. They find themselves balancing their lives around home and work without the opportunity or encouragement to develop for themselves or their employment.

UNISON within the East Midlands region has recently run a women’s lives course with a great deal of success, with this encouragement women will be able to develop themselves, however this is not enough.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to work with UNISON’s Learning and Organising Services to do more education support within the police service group for women members by

1)providing more information and guidance on the availability and support for women members seeking education opportunities both internally and externally;

2)providing a contact list of police learner reps to be placed in profile and other police service group databases;

3)continuing to promote and assist branches getting learning agreements.