Coming Out At Work

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2008 National LGBT Conference
25 July 2008
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the issue of coming out at work is given insufficient attention as a union concern at the present moment. Within the Northern Region, we feel that more work needs to be done on this somewhat neglected area, its particular relevance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and non LGBT members. Therefore, we ask the National LGBT Committee to develop a questionnaire based survey to ascertain the level of importance coming out at work is for LGBT members at a branch and regional level;

1. Is being ‘out at work’ or ‘not out at work’ a barrier to becoming a union activist or pursuing promotion at work?

2. Is there a reluctance for LGBT members to be out at work?

3. What would help members to be more out at work? Be more active within UNISON?

4. What messages would you give and how would you ensure LGBT members felt more supported to be out at work?

That information gained from the questionnaire survey forms part of a consultation exercise and is then used to develop a toolkit and resource pack which can then be used as the basis of a training course for all members within UNISON.

We would encourage LGBT members to influence their regions to incorporate the subsequent training into their annual education and training schedule. That the resource pack and tool kit be particularly aimed at lay members, branch officers, shop stewards and Union Learning representatives.