LGBT Representatives in Energry

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2008 Energy Service Group Conference
2 February 2008

Conference welcomes the Energy Executive’s continuing support for equal opportunities through the Business and Environment Equal Opportunities Working Group (BEEOWG) and the continued success of the annual equalities seminar.

Conference notes that LGBT members within the Energy sector are becoming better organised and now have an email mailing list that allows regular communication with members throughout the country. In addition, a number of branches now have LGBT groups that meet regularly and allow members to be updated with equalities issues and provide a platform for feedback.

Conference welcomes the fact that LGBT members are taking on many roles within the service group, at national, regional and branch level, as well as within the self-organised group.

However, Conference notes that many employers still refuse time off for LGBT trade union activities and do not recognise LGBT equality as a core trade union and workplace issue.

Conference therefore instructs the Energy Executive to:

1Write to Energy branches and identify any recognition arrangements already in place for LGBT representatives.

2Circulate any existing LGBT agreements to branches.

3Liaise with the other Business and Environment branches, through the BEEOWG, to identify any LGBT agreements and best practice.

4Report back to conference 2009 with an update.