When is Hate Crime not a Hate Crime?

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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
25 October 2008

Conference notes that HIV/AIDS is an issue for all of UNISON members not just disabled members or LGBT members. However, Conference is aware that there are a number of LGBT members affected by HIV/AIDS – be it living with HIV or knowing someone close to them who is living with HIV.

Conference is concerned that the criminal law does not recognise hat crime on the grounds of their status, it will only be considered Disability Hate Crime if that person has a physical or mental impairment.

Conference therefore instructs the NDMC working with other appropriate structures of the union including the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Committee:-

1)To raise awareness of the National AIDS Trust (NAT) Campaign to include hate crime against people living with HIV to be recognised as a disability hate crime.

2)To seek examples from members who have experienced hate crime specifically because of their HIV status.