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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
4 July 2008
Carried as Amended

Transport by taxi is a lifeline to many of our members who require the convenience and necessity of this form of getting from A to B. However, on numerous occasions this aspect of travel is marred by the attitude and behaviour of the driver particularly where drivers refuse to allow working dogs to accompany disabled passengers. Many councils now insist on all drivers having proved attendance at Disability Awareness/Equality training as a requirement before the relevant licence is issued allowing them to operate. The West Midlands Region asks for the support of Conference to request our National Disabled Members Committee work with the Local Government Association for England, the Welsh Local Government Association, the Convention of Scottish Local Government Authorities and the Northern Ireland Local Government Association to:

a)identify which licensing authorities now make the successful completion of a Disability Awareness/Equality training a condition of licence issue/renewal

b)compile a report on its usage and disseminate best practice and identify other requirements that flow from the DDA that are conditions of licence issue or renewal

c)Work with the Equality and Human Rights Commission seeking the publication of guidance on the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act for the licensing of taxis and private hire vehicles and the development of appropriate training packages