Cervical Cancer

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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
25 October 2008

Conference notes that one in 20 women experience changes to cervical cells which could lead to cancer and that 900 women die of cervical cancer in England each year.

Conference acknowledges that early detection can prevent cervical cancer developing in 75% of cases and that cervical cancer has no symptoms until it is quite advanced and then untreatable.

Conference is aware that the cervical screening programme saves 4,500 lives per year in England but is concerned that routine screening is only available in England from the age of 25. Conference is further concerned tha whilst women between 25-49, should receive a smear every 3 year, this is not always carried out strictly and that women from the age of 50-64 only receive a smear every 5 years.

Conference therefore instructs the National Disabled Members Committee working with the National Women’s Committee (NWC) to campaign for an effective and consistent cervical screening programme available to all women across all of the devolved administrations. In this work, the NDMC should also liaise with other appropriate structures of the union.

Conference further instructs the NDMC to work with the NWC to publicise and stress the importance of cervical screening.