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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
2 July 2008
Carried as Amended

Part M of Schedule 1 of The Building Regulations 1991 as amended by the Building Regulations (Amendment) Regulation 1998 deals with access and facilities for disabled people.

Conference notes that Section M is limited to:

a)Reasonable provision for disabled people to gain access to and to use the building

b)Reasonable provision of sanitary facilities in the entrance storey of a building

c)Reasonable provision to accommodate disabled people in audience or spectator seating (if relevant to the building’s purpose)

Conference considers this provision to be inadequate, and out of line with the requirements of Disability Discrimination Act and, for public sector employers, the Disability Equality Duty.

Conference, therefore, mandates the National Disabled Member’s Committee to further investigate this issue in liaison with Labour Link, and to lobby the Government, with the aim of improving UK Building Regulations in connection with disabled access and facilities.

Conference requests that the National Disabled Member’s Committee present a report on their progress to Conference in 2009.