Review of UNISON Structures

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2008 National Black Members' Conference
16 September 2007

At UNISON National Delegate conference in 2007 held in Brighton, Motion 12 – Under Participation and Headed “Black Members Self Organised Group – Possible Name Change” suggested that the title “Black Members Self Organised Group” was no longer adequate to reflect the ethnic diversity of our membership and could even prevent workers from Eastern European backgrounds from becoming active or even joining Unison.

The structures within Unison are being called into account by the above motion. Quite recently a report has been published on the review of Branch and Service Group Structures. Self Organised Groups were consulted two years ago in relation to the review of their structures, however to date there has been no tangible change in Unison structures.

Black workers issues in the workplace go beyond discriminative practices experienced by the A8 Nationals and cover a load of issues from immigration to housing and this negates the view that both groups should be organised under the same banner.

This conference calls on the National Black Members Committee to:-

1.Facilitate a extended review of the other self organised groups structures of the union in line with membership needs; building on the recommendations put forward on the review of Branches and Services structures;

2.Provide a report to the 2009 Black Members’ Conference.