Breast Cancer Awareness ‘Pink Products’

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2007 National Women's Conference
25 October 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference recognises the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month each year and welcomes any initiative that raises the public knowledge of this cruel disease. Conference acknowledges and applauds the fundraising efforts of retailers who contribute to the campaign by promoting the sale of ‘Pink Products’.

However, Conference is concerned that, in some cases, consumers who buy ‘Pink’ are not fully aware of the facts. The truth is that many retailers contribute a very small amount to the campaign and make massive profits from it.

Therefore we instruct the National Women’s Committee:

1)to work with the Trades Union Congress and its affiliated unions, through our nominated representatives, to inform union members of this fact; and

2)to begin a campaign to:

a)pressurise retailers to put their hands in their pockets and increase the amount they donate to this cause;

b)pressurise retailers to prominently and clearly label ‘Pink Products’ with the donated amount in order to enable customers to make informed choices when they make purchases.

Conference is also concerned to note that many retailers selling these ‘pink products’ are the very ones also selling toiletries and cosmetics containing chemicals linked to cancer, as identified in the UNISON/WEN leaflet ‘Clear Out Your Cupboards’.