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2007 Police Staff Service Group Conference
20 June 2007

Conference is seeking standardisation of annual leave entitlements.

All Forces currently have different agreements and with the introduction of PCSOs and the possibility of them being covered by National agreements, which will include annual leave, it is possible that this will result in a 2 tier or inequitable annual leave system amongst Police Staff. We need parity for new starters and long service should also be recognised.

Conference notes there is no provision to recognise long service – and progression stops.

Conference believes this is of such importance that it should be negotiated through the Police Staff Council in order that all members can be advantaged to what should be seen as a National standard.

Conference recognises that there are discrepancies across all forces England and Wales. This Service Group Executive has completed work on this issue and Conference now calls for this to be progressed.

Conference instructs Service Group Executive to:

1.Negotiate through the Police Staff Council the standardisation of annual leave, this should not be to the detriment of any existing local agreements.

2.Negotiate through the Police Staff Council a national entitlement of annual leave to ensure that annual leave is standardised to the highest entitlement from local agreements across all forces.