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2007 Police Staff Service Group Conference
20 June 2007

This Conference rejects the Government’s stated 2% public sector pay limit which would mean an overall reduction in our members’ earnings and standard of living, while private sector increases are running at 4.5%. With pressure from the Chancellor to keep public sector settlements close to the consumer price index (CPI), the key themes for public sector pay this year are restraint and affordability.

The Government’s pay policy ignores the reality of the rising cost of living for our police staff members.

Ongoing rises in travel, water, energy costs, food prices and housing are expected to keep inflation around 4% in the first half of 2007 with an average of 3.7% over the whole year. The Independent Treasury Economic Monitoring Group is forecasting average earnings increases of 5.5% in the final quarter of the year.

Conference therefore calls on the Police Staff Service Group to:

1.Continue to seek pay settlements that will raise the living standards of our members, reflect real inflation and average earnings increases and address the pay deficit between police staff and police officers.

2.Work with the PSC (England and Wales) and PSC (Scotland) to improve terms and conditions of employment in line with other public and private sector workers.

3.Resist attacks on our members’ living standards now the Government has attempted to impose public sector pay austerity. with the NEC, UNISON Labour Link and the General Political Fund to campaign against Government attempts to limit public sector pay, and to campaign jointly with other public service trade unions at every opportunity.