Safeguarding Monitoring Data

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2007 National LGBT Conference
25 July 2007

Conference notes and welcomes the work carried out by UNISON and the TUC on the issue of workplace monitoring, in particular stressing the need for data to be dealt with in a confidential manner.

Whilst recommending to branch and regional LGBT groups the need to continue to raise the profile of this guidance at the local level, Conference wishes to underline a number of areas of concern:

1.Evidence that employers are still not adhering to good practice in this area;

2.Potential for Freedom of Information Act requests to inadvertently out people;

3.Raised concern relating to transgender employees who may be more easily identified;

4.Threats to the security of information relating to outsourcing/offshoring of HR functions or to other changes to information processes even where standards of good practice have initially been agreed.

Conference therefore calls on the National LGBT Committee to keep this area under review and to seek to identify any concerns or further guidance in relation to monitoring issues, and calls on regional and branch groups to seek to identify any concerns in this area concerning local employers and flag them up at the national level, so that the guidance published by the National LGBT Committee can be kept up to date.