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2007 National LGBT Conference
26 July 2007
Carried as Amended

Conference notes the increase and the development of employee forums for BME, disabled, women and LGBT employees. In principle we welcome this development as an additional opportunity for employees who may face discrimination and prejudice in the workplace to gain support from fellow employees and use the forums to raise with respective HR departments, concerns, issues and suggestions for improving practice within the workplace.

However, despite the obvious benefits of these forums, we need to be acutely aware that in some cases the purpose and function of the forums may be unclear and misguided and be solely for the benefit of corporate HR ticking boxes and going through the processes of having to consult with employees as opposed to wanting to. For example, a recent experience in Glasgow City branch at the first meeting, it became apparent that the forum was only to fulfill the needs of Corporate HR, and employees who attended were told that they “had to be out to attend”, this is a clear contradiction in purpose of these groups and an obvious barrier and deterrent for employees not out who wished to attend.

Conference requests that the National LGBT Committee gather from branches and regions examples of practices from members attending LGBT employment forums, and in addition respond to local authorities who are not progressing the forums with the absolute benefits and protection of employees in mind.

To ensure the best use of these forums for the benefit of our members and local authorities, Conference further requests that the National LGBT Committee works with Regional LGBT Groups and other appropriate structures, to collate and organise this information into best-practice guidance for wide circulation amongst Branches, and put appropriate measures in place for periodic review of this guidance.