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2007 Health Care Service Group Conference
20 December 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the excellent work of the primary care campaign to date and recognises the importance of the work already underway within UNISON to develop a training programme for stewards in primary care settings.

Conference recognises the difficulties involved in recruiting potential members within primary care trusts, which are often dispersed over wide geographical areas, and applauds the production of the Primary Care campaign pack and the development of the primary care contacts network to reach out to members and potential members in different settings and to increase our membership strength.

Conference notes the importance of local employer-based networks, coalitions and increased membership density in monitoring and responding to the raft of reforms introduced by the government, concerning restructuring service provision in primary care settings.

Conference calls on the Health Service Group Executive to work with branches, regions, national office, other UNISON service groups, Labour Link and the GPF to:

a)Prioritise recruitment and organisation of members working in primary care settings;

b)Continue the development and rollout of the training programme for primary care activists to enable our members to influence decision making at a local level;

c)Strengthen the relationship between primary care branches and stronger secondary care branches;

d)Continue to grow the network of primary care contacts with the aim of achieving a UNISON contact within all primary care employers and to ensure that UNISON members can easily access key information when dealing with local reforms;

e)Continue to inform and update members on key campaigns and government reforms in primary care settings via channels including Primary Care News and the Primary Care Network;

f)Continue to produce briefings and factsheets on key issues, especially relating to new frameworks and mechanisms for commissioning of primary care services;

g)Produce factsheets on the dangers surrounding the social enterprise model;

h)Continue to explore the possibilities of negotiating a national Facilities Agreement in line with the one in the Agenda for Change agreement; and to produce clear guidance to branches on negotiating a facilities agreement to include adequate cover and backfill.