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2007 Health Care Service Group Conference
22 December 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the creation of the National Ambulance Partnership Forum and notes that it has been set up to:

1.Provide a means to communicate and share a common understanding of the transformational national agenda facing ambulance services in light of:

§‘Taking Healthcare to the Patient’ – service delivery, workforce developments, education & training;

§The changing financial regime in the NHS and its impact on ambulance services: including potential foundation status, changes in commissioning, ‘Payment by Results’, workforce reorganisation, education and training.

2.Provide an arena for national discussions between management and trades unions on a range of issues.

3.Promote greater consistency and transparency between and across services, where practicable and appropriate.

4.Ensure appropriate influence by ambulance services and staff on the perceptions and activities of the NHS Staff Council, through closer links with DH, ASA, NHS Employers, Recognised Trades Unions and individual services. The forum can act as a joint representative body, through which issues can be referred, considered or views sought.

5.Work in partnership with other relevant bodies and organisations with a remit over Ambulance workforce related issues.

This Conference endorses the terms of reference of the forum set out above. However Conference is concerned that management representation and involvement in the Forum only covers English Ambulance Trusts.

Conference calls on the Health Service Group to support the National Ambulance Sector in its efforts to extend the remit of the Forum to involve the management of all UK Ambulance Trusts.

Ensure all ambulance branches receive a copy of the agenda and minutes of above meetings as soon as they are agreed.