Migrant Workers

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2007 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2006
Carried as Amended

National Black Members Conference welcomes the overwhelming support expressed at UNISON National Delegate Conference 2005 for Composite G, which called for an amnesty for illegal workers to end exploitation.

We note that the successful composite dealt with the vital need to organise migrant workers, and also called upon the Government to grant an amnesty for any worker in the United Kingdom currently working without the knowledge of the authorities.

We further note the publication, by the Southern and Eastern Region of the Trades Union Congress (SERTUC) in February 2005 of the pamphlet “Organising migrant workers in trade unions” which the Regional Secretary of SERTUC expressed the view that “starting to talk about an amnesty for illegal immigrants would be a positive step forward”

We also note that UNISON’s delegations to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in 2005 and 2006 have decided not to raise the issue as one of UNISON’s two motions or amendments to the TUC. Although this has been proposed by our members of the delegation, we understand a view has been taken that our policy might not be supported at the TUC. However, we note that the Transport and General Workers Union are on record as supporting UNISON policy.

We believe that UNISON must continue to develop both elements of Composite G. We must continue to build and develop the organisation of migrant workers and we must continue to campaign for an amnesty for undocumented workers.

Conference calls upon National Black Members Committee (NBMC) to

1)work with all Regional Black Members Committees to ensure that these issues are being pursued by their Regional Committee.

2)To produce publicity materials such as fact sheets which tackles the racist articles in the media and statements by politicians which denigrates undocumented migrant workers.

Conference instructs the NBMC to:

3)take all appropriate steps to promote this policy, in particular by campaigning for the TUC Black Members Conference to put the demand for an amnesty for undocumented workers on the agenda of the TUC in 2007.

4)Make this a priority motion for the TUC Black Members’ Conference in 2007.