International Work

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2007 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes UNISON’s high priority given to international work. This is consistent both with our commitment to oppose war, poverty, oppression and exploitation wherever it arises. However, in a world dominated by the ‘globalisation of capital’, it is also a matter of vital importance to all our members that conditions of workers around the world are levelled up to a decent level for all. In a world where tensions are on the increase, it is vital for all our members that we build bridges with working people across the planet.

In terms of prioritising the international work, Conference notes with horror the various humanitarian crises around the world. The earthquake in Kashmir / Pakistan, the Eastern Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in the United States of America are just some of the serious problems affecting ordinary people across the world. These disasters have caused tremendous loss of human lives and destruction of properties. Millions of people are still homeless, without food, shelter and clothing. Many are dying because of lack of resources and medicines. They are in the open fields suffering the worst weather. The International community has done a lot. But still there is need to do more. It will take years to come to terms with these losses.

This Conference also notes that while this suffering is taking place; our government has embarked on an utterly wasteful, devisive undemocratic decision to renew the Trident nuclear missiles programme. The cost of this is estimated to cost £76billion. As a small part of this cost could more than pay for the urgently needed resources for this humanitarian crisis.

UNISON and its members in many parts of the country are doing excellent work to alleviate some of these problems and issues and working closely with international sister unions to improve safety and quality of lives of workers in developing countries.

This conference supports and commends the good work done and projects developed by the North West Region and asks delegates to extend their full and active support to such initiatives throughout the country.

These initiatives include

1)making approaches to employers that may have access to resources

that will help. For example, sending ambulances for these

earthquake affected areas which have saved many lives.

2) making Links with sister Trades Unions in those countries that share

UNISON’s aims and objectives;

3) linking with schools in the affected parts of the world;

4)building schools and hospitals in the affected parts of the world;

5)raising funds for people in need in the above affected areas;

6)supporting campaigns like War on Want and Community Heart that

generate direct assistance to help local people develop sustainable

economies and communities;

7)developing such international campaigns to improve cohesion and understanding between communities in Britain.