Barriers to Progression and Promotions for Black Employees

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2007 National Black Members' Conference
24 September 2006

Conference is deeply concerned that black employees are severely disadvantaged for promotion and progression. In line with UNISON’s Objective 2: negotiating and bargaining on behalf of members and promoting equality, Conference instructs the National Black Members Committee to work with the National Executive Council to:

1)collate statistics, to form a report, from all the service groups to show the distribution of black employees by grade from each service group;

2)commission a qualitative research by way of interviews with black employees in each of the service groups, to establish barriers to progression and promotion;

3)draw up practical solutions to remove the barriers to progression and promotion for black employees, with implementation plan and timeline for delivering the practical solutions;

4)publish quarterly progress report on the UNISON website on the status of the implementation plan for delivering the practical solutions to remove barriers to progression and promotion for black employees;

5)publish the statistical report, the qualitative interview research report, the recommendations for practical solutions to remove barriers to promotion and progression for black employees, plus the implementation plan and timeline on the UNISON website to ensure the widest distribution and information sharing.