Minimum Subsistence and Facilities for Women

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2006 National Women's Conference
26 October 2005

Conference is concerned to note reports that some delegates to National Women’s Conference are paid subsistence rates lower than those for their branch delegates attending National Delegate Conference.

It is clear that not all branches have a consistent policy for subsistence for their members which can lead to discriminatory policies in respect of subsistence rates for members participating in self-organisation and is a disadvantage for members seeking to become active and network.

In addition, some branches do not have facilities for reimbursing or providing dependant care for members engaged in trade union activities outside of working hours.

Expenses must reflect the real cost of activity on behalf of the union and especially the range of additional costs encountered when away from home.

Conference calls upon the National Women’s Committee to work with the National Executive Council to end such potentially discriminatory practices and to determine, either by guidance in the Code of Good Branch Practice or by rule amendment, minimum subsistence rates for branches, to ensure that women and members on low incomes do not feel socially excluded or unable to participate fully in their union for financial reasons.