Privatisation and Staffing Cuts in Primary Care Services

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2006 Retired Members' Conference
14 June 2006

Conference supports UNISON health members in their stand against government moves to further privatise the provision of primary care services and to cut the numbers of staff in acute hospital trusts to counter financial deficits.

Reports have shown that cuts in staffing levels and leaving vacancies unfilled can lead to inadequate standards of care, loss of dignity, malnutrition and abuse of older hospitalised people.

Older people and their families are often reluctant to lodge formal complaints because of the fear of recriminations and the lack of knowledge about complaints systems and support.

Therefore Conference calls upon the National Retired Members’ Committee to produce and circulate guidance to retired members on the:

1) Public Advisory and Liaison Service, the Independent Conciliation and Advisory Service and the Healthcare Commission;

2) availability of advocacy services from many voluntary organisations, including Age Concern groups.