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2006 Retired Members' Conference
15 June 2006
Carried as Amended

The terms ‘Equalities’ and ‘Fair and Equitable Treatment’ are those upon which UNISON is based.

However, when stated in conjunction with the various Retired Members sections at both regional and branch level, do not always apply. There appears to be a wide variation in financial and other support. It seems that some sections are able to carry out a wide and varied programme of events and campaigns with the full involvement of their members whilst others are unable to function at all.

Retired members should not be subjected to a post code lottery for their continued UNISON involvement.

Conference therefore:

1)instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC) to carry out, in the next year, a full and comprehensive review of all regional retired members’ committees with regard to funding and activities with a view to formulating a minimum requirement for funding the perceived basic activities of these committees by their regions. A report of its findings to be presented to the Retired memebrs’ Conference in 2007 together with a recommendation for referral to the National Executive Council;

2)calls on the NRMC to request regional retired members’ committees to research arrangements for and funding of retired members’ sections in their regions. The results to be reported back to the NRMC and, with recommendations, to the Retired Mmebers’ Conference in 2008.