The Collapse of Police Reform

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
24 July 2006

Conference is concerned at the sudden collapse of the Police Force restructuring process. UNISON Police Staff recognise that Home Office plans to address issues identified in “Closing the Gap” were ill-thought out and underfunded. Little consideration was given to the implications of our members future employment and terms and conditions.

Forces have been asked to enter into discussions with the Home Office to find a way forward in identifying ways to improve service delivery.

The good work that has begun on issues such as workforce modernisation, reform of terms and conditions and the funding of policing must not be put in jeopardy by any further hasty decision making.

UNISON Police Staff members have been put through a period of intense uncertainty, anxiety and confusion in recent months. This must not be allowed to continue.

Furthermore, inter-force relations and in many cases relationships with Local Authorities, Police Authorities and the public have been damaged.

Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1.ensure that any meaningful talks with the Home Office on the future of policing, including any future plans for restructuring,include UNISON from the start and that we are an integral part of any decision making process;

2run a high profile campaign in conjunction with Positively Public and the GPF to promote the work of Police Staff members. The campaign should aim to raise our status both within the service, with the Government, with the public and with the wider UNISON membership. The campaign should focus on ensuring adequate, sustained funding to prevent any future outsourcing and/or privatisation.

3.Work with Labour Link at branch, regional and national level to ensure that MPs and Ministers are aware of and promote our policies on modernisation, funding and our terms and conditions.