Sickness Policy

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
21 July 2006

This Conference calls upon the Police Service Group Executive to negotiate through the Police Staff Council a sickness policy that can be introduced in all Police Forces. The current sickness policies used by Police Forces are not deemed suitable or indeed fit for purpose by Police Forces.

Most of the policies used by current Police Forces discriminate in particular against women as most policies do not take account or recognise the problems that many women face, in particular issues such as menopause and pregnancy related illnesses. These illnesses are not treated in a sensitive manner and many members face the prospect of sickness absence interviews where no consideration is taken of the actual illness in favour of absence statistics.

Conference will know that during and after these illnesses they can have a devastating effect not only upon the person affected by them but their partners, children and relatives.

Therefore this Conference requests the Service Group Executive:

1.When negotiating through the Police Staff Council to introduce some policy guidelines to accompany such a sickness absence policy which assists our members through all Forces.