Shift Rostering and Work Life Balance

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
17 July 2006

Conference believes that Police Staff have the right to a reasonable work life balance and to be able to plan their lives accordingly. Shift workers within the Police Service often suffer from poor rostering and forward planning. Often our members are given short notice changes to their shifts because of major planned events, sickness or perceived shortages.

In addition to this, the opportunity to take annual leave, accrued time off or re-rostered rest days is problematic and difficult. Our members often have to agree swaps or changes with other staff to enable them to get time off. It is not the responsibility of our members to manage the process.

The uncertainty created by these continuous changes coupled with poor management of the process, puts unnecessary strain on our members and directly affects the service they provide to the public.

The Police Staff Council handbook is specific in the remuneration for short notice changes and the need to publish rosters in advance.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

1)produce advice and guidance on the PSC handbook with regard to rostering;

2)produce evidence of good practice and guidance in shift rostering;

3)encourage constituent members of the PSC to circulate the advice and guidance once produced;