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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
24 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the Government’s headline statistics for Police Officer strength do not differentiate between those officers in front line roles and those undertaking roles which could be undertaken by Police Staff.

As political parties of all persuasions see this crude figure as a campaigning issue, there is a risk that the Government might be tempted to artificially inflate the figure by encouraging Forces to transfer Staff posts to Police Officers. Such reverse civilianisation would curtail expected career opportunities for staff and may even result in the threat of redundancy.

This Conference calls upon the Police Service Group Executive to:

1)request the Government Statistical Service to limit the Police Officer Strength figures to a count of officers in identifiable front line roles. Historical records should be adjusted downwards to take account of an estimate of the number of officers in pre-civilianised posts;

2)request the Government publish the numbers of officers not on front line duties;

3)request the Government publish the number of officers on permanent restricted duties;

4)request the Government publish the number of officers not on front line duties who are in posts that do not require them to hold a warrant card.

5)request the Government publish the financial cost of employing an officer to undertake the roles identified in 4) (above), with a comparison to employing a member of Police Staff.