HMIC Inspections

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
17 July 2006

All branches will be included in HMIC inspections including the various aspects of the benchmarking process. As part of these inspections UNISON is often included at branch level. As a key stakeholder and credible representatives of Police Staff, it is often disappointing that issues raised by branches do not feature within HMIC reports. The HMIC do not report back to branches their findings and often only allow a short period of time to liaise with branches.

Branches see HMIC inspections, as an opportunity to raise important matters that may not be being addressed or they feel the HMIC needs to be aware of. Branches expect these matters to be looked into and some form of recognition from the HMIC either formally or uniformly.

The perception of branches is that the HMIC contact is a tick box exercise and that there is no real will to take issues raised by the trade union seriously.

Conference seeks to change this perception and make HMIC inspections valued by UNISON police branches.

Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1)liaise with the HMIC and seek their support in ensuring that branch input at inspections is valued and taken seriously;

2)encourage feedback from the HMIC to branches when issues are raised.