Force Restructuring

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
21 July 2006

Conference notes with extreme concern the implications of the collapse of the police restructuring process in England and Wales. The collapse was caused by funding difficulties, which should have been resolved at a much earlier stage. This has led to confusion and insecurity for police staff members throughout England and Wales

Conference believes that:

1)the Government’s backtracking on police restructuring will severely impact upon the rest of the police reform agenda, including workforce modernisation and pay and conditions reform;

2)the failure of the Home Office to secure adequate funding for restructuring bodes ill for the resourcing of the police reform agenda;

3)there is now a crisis of confidence in the ability of the police employers to deliver on a coherent police reform programme;

4)Home Office priorities now apparently lie elsewhere to the police service;

5)the vacuum left by force restructuring is likely to be filled by a chaotic programme of shared services, collaboration, privatisation and job cuts.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

a)vigorously campaign against shared services and collaboration which threaten police staff and their job security;

b)ensure that the workforce modernisation and terms and conditions reform linked to restructuring continue to be progressed with the national employers;

c)ensure that any future force restructuring is backed by strong and effective protection for UNISON police staff members.