Essential Training for Police Staff

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
17 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Police Staff are lacking a structured approach to their own training and development. There is little to no scope for progression/movement into other areas of work and there is very limited IT Systems training. Police Staff development consists of applying for jobs and being successful and very few progressive routes exist.

It is essential that Police Staff receive structured training in terms of:

1)IT systems on initial recruitment;

2)development training in other areas of the business;

3)appropriate training provided when alterations to job function or new systems are implemented.

In achieving this Police Staff must get training that is role specific in particular when promoted – such as interview and selection training and management skills for newly promoted managers.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

a)engage with ACPO, APA, Home Office and PSC with a view to raising the profile of Police Staff training and development needs.

b)begin working closely with Skills for Justice to issue good practice guidance and models;

c)request Skills for Justice to report annually to the Police Staff Council on the extent and impact of training and development investment in the police staff workforce;

d)develop initiatives with Skills for Justice to encourage and enable police staff to develop their skills and level of responsibility to the maximum of their individual potential;

e)work with Skills for Justice to widen and modernise the Skills profile of police staff to maximise their versatility, employability and so, job security;

f)promote the role of ‘Return to Learn’ developed by UNISON;

g)produce a national workplace learning agreement to underpin the new skills agenda;

h)encourage and facilitate force-level workplace learning agreements;

i)recognise and support the vital work of union learning reps in the police service.