Citizen Focussed Policing and The Closure of Police Stations to the Public

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
17 July 2006

The loss of direct services to the public and the loss of jobs of our members concern Conference. The citizen focussed policing initiative has seen the closure of police stations to the public with Police Staff either being re-deployed or under the threat of redundancy. This initiative which aims to provide a more accessible service and reassurance to the public cannot be achieved with the closure of front line services.

The police service has long undervalued the front enquiry service failing to recognise it as a vital part of policing. Often the front enquiry office is the only direct contact available to the public. In Leicestershire 25% of rapes were reported via the front office and we have no reason to believe that it is any different in any other part of the country.

The devaluing of this service and the closure of police stations to the public does not provide citizen focus, puts more work onto already overburdened staff and does nothing for public reassurance.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1)engage with the Home Office to clarify the definition of citizen focused policing and the role of Police Staff within that definition;

2)scope the numbers of police station closures and Police Staff job losses within England and Wales and report back their findings to the Police branches within England and Wales;

3)promote through the PSC, the APA, ACPO, Home Office and our own publications the value of Enquiry Desk officers and their contribution to front line policing;

4)campaign to keep police stations open to the public.