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2006 Local Government Service Group Conference
14 June 2006

This Service Group Conference notes:-

1)That there are currently some 8,500 Craft members in our union

2)That UNISON does not have a place on the JNC or Scottish Joint Council for Craft Workers

3)That on a national basis, effective representation of UNISON members via negotiating bodies does not exist

4)That Craft members are not covered by the Green Book or Red Book in Scotland

5)That Craft members therefore have a lack of say on their terms and conditions

This Conference agrees:-

a)To prioritise work to bring Craft workers under the terms of the Green Book or Red Book in Scotland, including consultation on joining the respective job evaluation and single status arrangement

b)That this will be likely to take a significant period of time, even if agreement were reached

c)That in the intervening period, urgent work is carried out to look at mechanisms for improving the bargaining position of our Craft members, including appropriate seats and negotiating rights on the JNC and Scottish Joint Council for Local Authority Craft and Associated Employees.