International Pride Events

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2006 National LGBT Conference
27 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference is concerned about the hostile receptions that various Pride events have received in Europe and across the world.

Events organised in Warsaw, Moscow and Riga, amongst others, have been met with violence and homophobia Pride events have also been hindered, banned or experienced violent protests in other cities such as Belgrade, Chisinau, Bucharest, Zagreb, Krakow, and Poznan. In many cases, politicians and faith organisations have played a major role in inciting hatred and violence towards LGBT people, and far-right groups have been very evident amongst the anti-Pride protestors.

Conference applauds the determination of LGBT people within these countries to continue to organise Pride events in the hostile environment caused by discrimination already present and also from the reactions they are receiving from the organising and taking part in their respective countries Pride events.

Conference calls on the National LGBT Committee to:

1.Send a message of solidarity to those organisers of such Pride events in affected countries;

2.Work with ILGA, Amnesty International, the European Pride Organisers Association and Trade Unions to give practical support to those activists who organise a Pride event;

3.Work with our own Labour Link group to make representation condemning the hostility that these International Pride events are met with, highlighting the duty on states to uphold the basic human right to freedom of assembly, guaranteed by Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights, and to ensure the safety of participants.

Conference never condones bi-, homo- or trans-phobic violence or violence directed at people at Pride events. But solidarity and representations in this respect must be expressed specifically lest they be construed in respects we do not intend. In particular, any such expression of solidarity to the organisers of Pride in Israeli West Jerusalem and any representations on their behalf should take due account of:

1 UNISON policy as a whole on Palestine/Israel; and,

2The controversy surrounding World Pride taking place in West Jerusalem in August 2006.