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2006 Health Care Service Group Conference
1 December 2005

Conference notes that a major achievement of the Pensions Review was the removal of discrimination against unmarried same sex partners and addressing past injustices such as post retirement marriage.

The deeply unpopular raising of normal pension age to 65 (NPA65) which was detailed which was detailed in the Review Document predicted the financial package as NPA65 was put in by NHS Employers, based on a framework provided by Government, and was constrained by remit. The NHS Pension review was a consultation and not a negotiation between NHS Employers and the Trade Unions.

At the present Government did not want to go to a General Election in May 2005 with the threat of widespread industrial action amongst the public sector it acquiesced and pension review became a fresh start with open negotiation, on all aspects, with nothing ruled in and nothing ruled out.

This Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to ensure that the Government stands by its position of open negotiation on Pension review, in partnership with the Trade Unions, and produces another major achievement that of, creating a superior scheme that is secure and sustainable in the future and one that produces adequate pension and pays benefits when they are needed.