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2006 Health Care Service Group Conference
29 December 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with disappointment that no progress has been made on the Formation of Regional Overseas Nurses / Carers Network (conference Motion (73) 2005) similar to that of the Overseas Network by our brothers and sisters in Scottish UNISON.

This is a missed opportunity to recruit into membership many thousands of overseas migrant workers employed in the NHS & Private Health Care Sector.

Such a Network would allow UNISON the higher ground in recruiting and organising Health Care Professionals & Carers into membership and demonstrate that UNISON is a caring union for those employed in the NHS & Private Health Care Sector and other overseas migrant workers employed in other employment sectors that UNISON is active.

Conference calls on the health Service Group Executive to identify resources to enable UNISON to move forward on this issue.

Conference further calls on the Health Service Group Executive to discuss with the National Executive Council the possibility of:

1.Employing a specialist worker on a UK remit to support regional and local groups which are being convened;

2.Producing a regular column especially for overseas workers in the U Magazine;

3.Making information available to branch international officers on employment, immigration and housing issues;

4.Working with the TUC and other unions to develop materials for local campaigning and awareness training.