NHS Pay, Terms and Conditions

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2006 Health Care Service Group Conference
22 April 2006

Conference congratulates branches and activists where there has been a significant completion of matching, evaluation and assimilation of jobs under Agenda for Change. The majority of NHS staff will have been assimilated by the end of March 2006 and all this work has been mostly completed in partnership between staff side and management side representatives at all levels. Conference notes however that a considerable amount of work still needs to be done.

Agenda for Change, whilst delivering equal pay for the future, requires further development to deliver improved terms and conditions and to ensure a better paid, well motivated and highly skilled workforce fit for the NHS in the 21st Century.

To this end, Conference instructs UNISON representatives on the Staff Council to continue to press for:

a.35 hour basic working week for all staff with no loss of pay;

b.A significant % pay increase, above the rate of inflation;

c.The abolition of Band 1 and ‘bottom-loaded’ increases in Bands 2 & 3;

d.If Band 1 is not abolished, a flat rate increase for Bands 1, 2 & 3 to address low pay in the NHS;

e.the inclusion of the Agenda for Change Facilities agreement in the Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook – thereby extending the agreement to all TU duties;

f.joint research by the Staff Council into areas of recruitment and retention problems and high cost areas, with a view to including claims for Recruitment and Retention Premia and High Cost Area allowances in our PRB submission and non-PRB claim for 2007/2008;

g.The renegotiation of clause 46.28 in the Terms & Conditions Handbook to bring to an end the unfair process of ‘leapfrogging’.

h.The reinforcement of the commitment in paragraph 46.26 in the Terms and Conditions handbook:

As soon as possible during the period of protection, the skills, knowledge and role of staff subject to protection will be reviewed to establish whether they could be re-assigned to a higher weighted job or offered development and training to fit them for a higher weighted job.

Conference also asks the representatives on the Staff Council to press for a full report, no later than 30th September 2006, on the progress towards achieving benefits listed under Annex E of the Agenda for Change Agreement: Partnership Agreement Success Criteria. This information may be used to identify changes that UNISON may wish to propose to terms & conditions.