Pensions – Fighting for our Retirement

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2006 Energy Service Group Conference
15 March 2006

Conference recognises the right of members in Energy to retire on a decent secure pension. Conference expresses its concern that some Energy Companies are attempting to eliminate or worsen early retirement provisions to the detriment of members.

Conference believes that all employers should be required to offer an occupational pension scheme that employees should automatically join with a right to opt out if desired.

Conference congratulates the Manweb and Scottish Electricity Branches for successfully fighting the proposed closure of the ScottishPower Final Salary Scheme.

Conference further welcomes the payments made into pension funds by Energy Companies to offset the actuarial deficits caused, in part, by a legacy of contribution holidays.

Conference welcomes the appointment of UNISON members as pension trustees but recognises that more needs to be done to increase their effectiveness and to strengthen their links with UNISON.

Conference therefore calls on the Energy Service Group Executive to:

·Encourage more UNISON members to become Trustees of their Company Pension Schemes.

·Develop and strengthen links with UNISON Trustees and their Branches.

·Urge Energy Companies to set an example and ensure that pension funds are fully funded to avoid future deficits.

·Liaise with Branches to seek agreement with their employers to extend access to final salary pension schemes for all employees on appointment.