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2006 National Disabled Members' Conference
7 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference applauds UNISON’s commitment to ensuring that its members are kept informed on various health issues.

This information is generated by various committees within UNISON including Health and Safety and Women’s Self Organization etc.

Many of these leaflets and publications could be used to inform members of their rights under the Disability Discrimination Act.

The most recent campaign, the ‘Big See’ from the National Women’s Committee that publicised the potential link between the environment and Cancers largely experienced by Women should have included the new rights under the Disability Discrimination Act that at point of diagnosis anyone who has breast cancer (or indeed any form of cancer) has added protection of the Act and cannot be discriminated against by their employers. The advice in this poster campaign should also have:

a – reflected UNISON’s policy on the social model of disability

b – alerted branches to remove the workplace barriers faced by Women experiencing Cancer and,

c – used language that is in common with disabled members’ objectives.”

In view of the important omission, Conference asks the National Disabled Members Committee works with all other relevant UNISON structures at all levels to ensure that information is included in all publications to educate members with Cancer, HIV and Multiple Sclerosis about their rights from the point of diagnosis under the DDA.