Sickness Absence Policies

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2006 National Disabled Members' Conference
7 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference is appalled by the continuing discrimination by employers towards disabled members when using Sickness Absence policies. Many of these employers carry the two tick logo.

Schemes like the ‘Bradford Factor’, where a disabled member could pick up 1000’s of points with ongoing treatment for their disability, place staff under massive pressure to reduce their score below the trigger point, (normally in the low 100’s). some members even use their annual leave entitlement to try to keep their sickness absence down. This could cause unnecessary stress to staff and may even lead to dismissal.

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to campaign against this discrimination and to work to ensure that employers use sickness absence schemes that do not discriminate against disabled staff.

Conference also call upon the National Disabled Member’s Committee to mount a National campaign for the introduction, by employers, of positive policies such as Disability Leave Schemes.