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2006 National Disabled Members' Conference
30 June 2006
Carried as Amended

The Scottish Disabled Members’ Group is concerned that no accurate statistics exist on the number of disabled members in the union.

The interim report of the Equalities Review would indicate that as many as 1 in 4 people in the UK could be classified as disabled under the DDA.

Impending legislation would increase this number, as would the achievement of full civil rights for disabled people under the social model.

Current membership of UNISON stands at approximately 1.3 million. This means there would be as many as 300,000 disabled members of UNISON.

Conference calls on the NDMC to work with the NEC and all service group committees to:

1)Institute a branch mapping exercise to identify disabled members in UNISON

2)Collate branch responses at a regional level;

3)Include a voluntary declaration of disability into the UNISON application form;

4)Compare the level of disabled membership in branches with the number of established disabled SOGs in branches;

5)Report to the National Disabled Members’ Conference 2007