Progress of Black members issues in UNISON

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2006 National Black Members' Conference
25 September 2005

Black members remain increasingly concerned that certain repeat issues brought to National Black Members Conference for the NBMC and NEC to action on our behalf, remain unactioned. Members need only look at the range of repeat motions brought to conference to see that the repeat nature of the motions implies that Black members do not feel that certain issues are being addressed.

Conference therefore calls upon the NBMC with support from the NEC to:

1.Compile an audit of NBMC (carried) motion and the outcomes achieved, for all previous NBMC / NDC conferences to 2005 focusing on the following areas:

·Employment Rights;

·Representation services / Legal Advice;

·Racism in UNISON;

·Paid Black Officers;

·Fair Representation and Proportionality;

·NCAF / National Complainant Aid Campaign.


2.Prepare a report with action priorities to address outstanding motion resolution actions in order to respond to concerns that certain Black members issues are not being taken seriously in UNISON. The report should be ready in time to feedback to members at the 2007 conference;

3.Ensure that a copy of the report is sent to Chairs of Regional Black Members Groups for Black members comments prior to presentation at Conference;

4.Where necessary the NBMC should bring forward appropriate motions advancing outstanding past conference resolutions in the areas identified in (1) at the 2007 conference.