Paid Black Officers

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2006 National Black Members' Conference
25 September 2005

Conference is appalled at the lack of implementation of motion 202 passed at the 1997 national delegate conference despite opposition from the NEC. This motion called for paid black officers to be available in all regions in a similar way to the availability of Women’s Officers. Members note that despite the implementation of this motion being the ‘will’ of the national union, there remains a complete lack of intention on behalf of the national union representatives to progress the resolutions carried in the motion.

The NBMC entered into the process of implementation of this motion in good faith with the expectation that our decision making bodies would carry out the resolutions of this motion. However, what we have witnessed is a lack of adherence to what is now UNISON policy and a lack of urgency from UNISON representatives to implement this motion.

Conference is concerned that UNISON policy changes fought for by black members are treated with the same respect and priority as all other UNISON policy changes and to this end instruct the NBMC to:

1.Organise an urgent meeting with the NEC and all relevant committees to establish why this motion has not been implemented;

2.Work with the NEC to establish the necessary processes that will bring about the implementation of motion 202;

3.Seek assurances that the progress of this matter will be reported at the 2006 National Delegate Conference accompanied by an agreed timetable for the full implementation of this motion.