Fair Representation and Proportionality

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2006 National Black Members' Conference
25 September 2005

Conference remains concerned about the lack of uniformity from Regions and Branches in implementing Rule 1.4 of the rulebook.

Conference also notes that UNISON has anti-discrimination policies which state that the principles of proportionality and fair representation shall be adhered to in the election of delegates and representatives.

However, despite UNISON rules and anti-discrimination policies black members remain concerned that their fundamental rulebook rights are being systematically undermined or denied. This has led to a very damaging belief that whilst black members are expected to be fully paid up members of the union they should not expect to be treated as equal members of the union or have equal access to the structures of the union or opportunities to play a full servicing part in the union.

Conference therefore calls upon the NBMC to submit proposals to the NEC to ensure that:

1.Data currently collected at conferences is reflective of concerns raised by black members regarding the opportunities extended to them to fully participate in UNISON activities;

2.Data is used to impact on longstanding concerns regarding the composition of all UNISON delegations with particular reference to opportunities for black members to attend National Delegate Conference and other high profile UNISON activities and events;

3.A process is established whereby black members can report their concerns about the breach of rule 1.4 in ways that will ensure such disputes and resolutions are seriously addressed;

4.Report on the progress of this matter at the 2007 National Black Members Conference and National Delegate Conferences.