Facility Time

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2005
25 February 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the UNISON National project and campaign ‘A Time to Act’.

This Conference is aware of certain inequities in the Police Service in the provision of time off for trade union duties and activities.

Conference is aware of existing policy as enacted as a result of Motion 22 of the 2004 Conference namely ‘Union Facilities’.

Conference recognises the growing trend for forces to provide facilities and time off for support groups such as the BAPA and the Rainbow Club. These facilities could be seen as a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to the political need for forces to be seen to be dealing with equality issues.

UNISON has an established tradition of self-organisation. As such provision should be made for facilities, including time off for Branch Equalities Officers and Self-Organised Groups Officers in line with Police Officer colleagues.

Conference therefore calls on the Service Group Executive to:-

1)Raise these issues as part of the bargaining agenda with the PSC

2)Highlight within the UNISON campaign these particular inequalities for our Members

3)Agree a National Protocol with all Police Family Support Groups such as NBPA, GPA, BAWP, National Disabled Network, etc’., highlighting the benefits of UNISON Membership to Police Staff within these groups.