Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination in the Police Service

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2005
4 February 2005

Conference welcomes the emphasis on tackling equal pay set out in the Police Staff Council Trade Union Side’s submission to the PSC Pay and Reward Review – “Closing the Gap”. Conference reaffirms its intention that equal pay be properly tackled in the police service.

However, Conference remains very concerned that:

1) few police forces have yet carried out equal pay audits of their pay systems as recommended by the Equal Opportunities Commission

2) forces appear complacent that equal pay is someone else’s problem

3) only a small minority of forces are using the equality proofed PSC 13 – factor job evaluation scheme

4) most forces continue to use private sector job evaluation schemes with dubious equal pay credentials

5) as well as equal pay violations, many police forces exhibit evidence of prima facie sex discrimination within their pay systems

6) police branches are as yet not properly trained or equipped to identify and pursue equal pay and sex discrimination cases in the workplace

7) police forces are unlikely to tackle equal pay and sex discrimination problems until forced to do so via the threat of legal action

In view of these many problems Conference asks the Service Group Executive to:

a) organise relevant training and information for police branches on equal pay and sex discrimination in the police service

b) assist police branches to identify potential equal pay and sex discrimination cases

c) put the PSC Employers Side under notice that failure to properly tackle equal pay in the forthcoming PSC Pay and Reward Review will result in litigation