Tackling Racism and the Rise of the Far Right

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2005 National Delegate Conference
28 February 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference rejects the presence of the British National party (BNP) and other far right parties in the United Kingdom and condemns their role in the increase in racist abuse and attacks against black and minority ethnic people and their communities. In particular, Conference deplores the disgraceful racism of the Tories in the run up to this year’s election campaign, including its statements on immigration and attacks on Roma/Gypsies.

Conference recognises the pivotal role that UNISON members have played in fighting racism and challenging the BNP, and calls upon all parts of the union to campaign jointly to:

1)challenge the racist and discriminatory rhetoric and actions of the BNP and other racist groups and political parties wherever and whenever it occurs;

2)continue to work with Unite Against Fascism and encourage regions and branches to do likewise.

3)work in partnership with established local community and campaign groups to challenge the far right at local level;

4)develop negotiating strategies with employers to ensure our members are protected at work and in their communities in places where BNP and far right councillors are elected and where their presence has increased racial tension and attacks in communities; and

4)ensure that this work is incorporated in the union-wide anti-racist strategy.