Public Sector Pension Schemes

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2005 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2005

Conference expresses its outrage at the continued attack by the government on the provisions of the various public sector pension scheme provisions.

Conference notes, with disgust, that these continued attacks on public sector provision of pension arrangements have occurred subsequent to the government introducing, and receiving, support from parliament for enhanced pension arrangements for members of parliament.

Conference is mindful of the need to ensure the continued financial viability of public sector pension schemes.

Conference is mindful also of the obscene profits made by certain companies to the private sector and is of the opinion that the government should seek a windfall tax on these profits and use the proceeds to support any shortfall in balances perceived in public sector pension schemes.

Conference, therefore, instructs the National Executive Council to:

1)seek to coordinate this policy with other public sector trade unions; and

2)urge the National Labour Link Committee to raise this matter through the appropriate channels.