A Woman’s Place

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2005 National Delegate Conference
16 February 2005

Conference believes that a woman’s place is in her union and that UNISON should be fully committed to supporting those women who want to play an active part in trade union work.

The most recent statistics show that 54 per cent of UNISON branch secretaries are male which is at least 21 per cent higher than the proportion of union members who are men. In the health sector 44 per cent of branch secretaries are male.

The proportion of female branch secretaries earning less than £12,000 is nearly three times that of male branch secretaries.

Conference applauds the initiative of UNISON’s North West Region in working with Liverpool University and our Northern Ireland Region in carrying out research on the experience of women who are active in UNISON. The research, the transformations project, covers issues of overlap and interaction between union activity, working life, community identity and home life and aims to shed light on what being a woman activist in UNISON means today.

Therefore Conference calls on the National Executive Council to:

1)publicise widely within UNISON the findings of the transformations project research undertaken in the North West and Northern Ireland Regions;

2)identify strategies and funding opportunities at United Kingdom and European Union level to ensure that the necessary training and development is made available to women wishing to play a full part in UNISON activity;

3)produce guidance for regions and branches to ensure that they offer a welcoming and supportive framework for women members who want to be more involved in UNISON activity.