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Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual & Transgender Conference 2005
29 July 2005
Carried as Amended

This Conference notes the recent successful campaigns around LGBT issues, notably the campaign in favour of the LGBT rule change and our successes over Civil Partnerships and Pension rights and believes we can apply the lessons from these successful campaigns to campaign more successfully in the future.

Conference believes that we still confront many challenges in order to obtain real equality for LGBT communities, with ongoing campaigns such as getting protection from discrimination in goods and services.

Conference therefore instructs the national LGBT committee to develop a concise and easy to use campaign guide for use by branch and regional LGBT groups as well as individual LGBT activists so that we can maximise our campaigning work and build on our successes.

The aim of the guide should be to make it easier for branch and regional LGBT groups to participate in campaigning and to encourage more members to become actively involved.

This should include:

1.What resources are available for campaigning within UNISON, including at branch and regional level;

2.How to work towards changing UNISON policy;

3.Lobbying MPs, the Government and other organisations;

4.Working with the Labour Link;

5.Working successfully with Service Groups, other Self Organised Groups and the Young Members’ Forum;

6.How to generate a campaign through the LGBT self-organised group at national and regional level;

7.Making sure that we communicate our successes and use them to recruit members into UNISON.

So the guide will not become just another of the trades union movement’s innumerable publications, conference also instructs the National LGBT Committee to arrange a rollout programme to include:

A.A series of regional briefings;

B.Signposting to further training to develop capacity; and,

C.Monitoring how the guide is used to inform regional and branch LGBT groups’ work plans.