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Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual & Transgender Conference 2005
29 July 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference congratulates all activists on achieving the rule change at this year’s National Delegate Conference and welcomes the opportunity to meet at this, our first LGBT conference.

Conference notes the interim LGBT committee structure as reported to last year’s Lesbian and Gay conference i.e. 24 regional representatives (1 female, 1 general from each region), 5 disabled members representatives (3 female, 2 general), 5 black members (3 female, 2 general), 2 transgendered representatives and 3 bisexual representatives.

However, Conference is concerned about the future adequate representation of young members, part-time and low paid members, bisexual members and transgendered members, women, black and disabled members on the LGBT committee whilst acknowledging that for reasons of economy Unison’s NEC decided not to further increase the committee membership beyond its current 39 seats and could expect the committee to revert back to 38 following a period of transition.

Conference therefore instructs the LGBT Committee to:

1.Consult with the black, disabled, bisexual and transgendered members’ caucuses to canvass their opinion on future representation on the National Committee;

2.Look into the possibility of reserving seats on the LGBT Committee for young members and low paid members;

3.Consult with regional and branch LGBT Self Organised Groups (SOGs);

4.Report back to LGBT Conference 2006 on progress to date, continue to monitor, evaluate and consult during 2006/7 and make a recommendation to Conference 2007 on future committee structure.